The village of Bassone

Bassone is situated at 430 meters high, northwestern of Pontremoli. The hamlet is characterized by houses of stone and narrow streets surmounted by vaults. The village comprehends fractions: Bassone Chiesa, Campodonico, La Costa, Belvedere, Fontana, Sergola and the shed houses of Mulini and Miana. The nature is uncontaminated here, with small valleys, vineyards, olive trees and chestnut trees. The church, devoted to St. Giacomo Apostolo, it is the result of remaking and restaurations. It has a longitudinal plant with the altar toward east, a Baroque architectural line in the inside and some Romanesque element outside.
Bassone Chiesa is the biggest of the fractions, dating back to the middle age. Fontana owes its name to the numerous sources, that gushed out in the surrounding grounds. Belvedere dominates Pontremoli with suggestive panoramas. La Costa is in an elevated position in comparison to Chiesa. Sergola is the most ancient fraction of Bassone. Constituted by rustic buildings, the entry is delimited by the ancient bridge in stone formed by an only arcade, that connects to Bassone. Campodonico develops upward as the fraction extends him on a slant. Mulini and Miana are slightly detached from the other fractions, with two unused mills.

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