Casola in Lunigiana
Casola in Lunigiana

Casola in Lunigiana, in the high course of the Aulella river, extends from the Appennine chain to the Apuan alps, on the border between Lunigiana and Garfagnana. Its strategic position favored the development of the business activities.
The village was developed in the XV century around a castele, today reduced to a cylindrical tower, rest of the fortified complex that enclosed it. In the old village is possible to admire medioeval and renaissance palaces and houses. Nearby, it is possible to visit the church of Codiponte and Offiano, church of San Lorenzo and the sanctuary of Minucciano. The ancient communal palace is center of the Museum of the territory of the high Aulella, where lie rests of the human presence in Lunigiana.


The stone village with the tower of Casola and the church of Santa Felicita. The medieval villages of Codiponte, Casciana, Regnano and the beautiful churches of Offiano and Codiponte.