The falò of Filattiera
The falò of Filattiera

Many events follow the tourist throughout the year in Lunigiana, especially during the summer and Christmas. In July and August, medieval festivals have gradually gained importance and are now a call for visitors. To the historic Medieval Medieval of Filetto, we now have Medievalis in Pontremoli, Three Nights in the Past in Gragnola, the "Disfida degli Arcieri di Terra e di Corte" in Fivizzano and the Medieval Festival in Fosdinovo.
Also in summer the traditional events of Fivizzano Flavors, the Bancarelvino in Mulazzo, the Premio Bancarella in Pontremoli, the Book Festival in Montereggio and, of course, the myriad of food festivals with typical products such as the panigaccio of Podenzana in August, testaroli, Zeri lamb, trout, eels, polenta and goat's milk, and various beer festivals.
In spring the most important are the Daffodil Festival at Villa The Pescigola in Fivizzano, while in autumn the chestnut is the absolute master.
During the Christmas period we can stroll around Christmas markets and nativities in Equi Terme, San Terenzo Monti, Vico Bagnone, Caprio, Malgrate, Olivola... and again, the bonfire of Filattiera on January the 16, and the challenge of Pontremoli bonfire on January the 18 and 31, on the banks of the river Magra and Verde.