The castle of Fosdinovo
The castle of Fosdinovo

Fosdinovo is found in the low course of the Magra river, last village of Lunigiana before the sea. Fosdinovo was object of clashes between the Malaspina family and the bishops of Luni and before was possession of the family of the Bianchi of Erberia for its dominant position of the valley of the Magra and the Tyrrhenian sea. From 1340, Spinetta Malaspina became the only owner of the fief, beginning an epoch of relative shine and calm up to 1800. Its imponent castle, perhaps the best preserved of Lunigiana, welcomes the visitor at the arrival, after some kilometers of tortuous slope arriving from Sarzana.
In Fosdinovo we also find the parish church of St. Remigio with the sepulchre of Galeotto Malaspina and the oratory of the Compagnia dei Bianchi.
In the outskirts of Fosdinovo it is possible to admire the Villa malaspiniana of Caniparola, not visitable, Ponzanello with the ruins of the castle erected by the bishops of Luni, Marciaso and its interesting suburb and Pulica, with the archaeological recovery of a ligure-apuan warrior.

The medieval village and the great castle that dominates the plain of the river Magra. Characteristic villages like Giucano, Ponzanello and Tendola.