Sarzana from the Sarzanello
Sarzana from the Sarzanello

Sarzana is located in the Liguria region, in the low Magra valley. The city is situated in the heart of Lunigiana, religious heiress of the ancient Roman city of Luni from the XIII century.
Sarzana has ancient origins, first mentioned in the X century. It was dominated by different Lords and cities: Castruccio Castracani, Spinetta Malaspina, Pisa, the Visconti, Genoa and Florence. The city preserves two castles, the Firmafede fortress, built by the Pisans and the Sarzanello fortress, ancient bishops residence. Today the XVI century walled suburb is almost intact with the ancient walls and four towers. The main streets are Via Bertoloni and Via Mazzini, among Porta Parma and Porta Romana, along the Via Francigena. Here we find an impressive number of buildings and churches: the Remedi Palace, the Podestà Lucciardi Palce, the Townhall, the church of Sant’Andrea, the most ancient sacred building of Sarzana, the palace Picedi Benettini, the Episcopal palace, the Cathedral of santa Maria Assunta, the Impavidi Theatre and the many works in wrought iron, characteristic of the city.
In the outskirtses, it is possible to visit the village of Falcinello, sunbathe in Marinella di Sarzana beaches or visiting the Roman ruins of Luni, in the nearby Ortonovo.