Tresana is located between Aulla and Villafranca, along the ridge that divides the Magra river and the Vara valley. The main village is Barbarasco. The hamlet of Tresana is dipped in the green and attracts for its small dimensions and for its castles on the hill. The surrounding landscape is furrowed from many paths.
The ruins of the quadrangular tower of Tresana and Giovagallo are the memory of the Malaspina dominion. The cause of this degradation is to be searched in the XVII century, when Tresana rebelled against marquis Francesco Malaspina, guilty to have coined false money. Nearby, the Villa of Tresana, completely restored, like the ancient hospital.


The historic village is dominated by the ruins of the castle, while its valleys are dotted with villages like Villa di Tresana, Giovagallo, Villecchia ...