The ruin of the castle of Coderone
The ruin of the castle of Coderone

The remains of Coderone Castle are located just outside of Biassa, on a rocky outcrop, which is completely overgrown with plants and flowers. The large square construction was built towards the middle of the 13th century at the request of the Genevans, who wanted to guard their access to the sea from the Pisans, who controlled the neighbouring town of Carpena. It is first talked about in 1273, in the official foundation act of the local podesta. The castle grounds also housed a church dedicated to Santa Maria Magdalena, the remains of which are still visible today.
The castle was restored in both the 15th and the 16th century, when it ceased to become a defensive construction and was transformed into a stately home. It was later bought by the Biassa family, who originally came from Viano di Carpena. Although it has now fallen into disuse, the castle grounds were also once used as a cemetery.

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