The seaside down of Fezzano is made up of a maze of little roads and alleyways crammed full of ancient houses, built higgledy-piggledy on top of each other. In 1820, Ubaldo Manzani discovered ancient remains dating back to the roman times, which had been buried over the years under constructions such as the docks and the sports field. It is thought that the name Fezzano also comes from the latin fundus alphidianus.
The town centre gives rise to the church of San Giovanni Battisita, which was built in 1740. The interior consists of a single aisle, adorned with baroque altars and an organ that once belonged to Luigi Ciurlo of Genova. The remains of Villa Cattaneo are also worth a visit. Dating back to the 15th century, the villa was once inhabited by the famous Cattaneo family, whose daughter, the beautiful Simonetta Cattaneo, was the inspiration for Botticelli’s "Nascita di Venere".
The port harbours up to 240 boats, and the floating landings are available for tourists to hire.

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