The castle is set upon unusual foundations, laid in the shape of a polygon; the castle of San Terenzo is located in the eastern most part... >>>

The picturesque seaside town of Tellaro, San Terenzo next to Lerici, Fiascherino anc its beaches, Pugliola, Pozzuolo, La Serra on the hills behind... >>>

The church of San Francesco, the oratory of San Rocco, the church of San Giorgio of Tellaro, the church of Santa Maria Assunta of San Terenzo... >>>

Housed in the rooms and courtyard of the Lerici Castle, the Museum of Palaeontology was opened due to the discovery of dinosaur bones in the... >>>

The 16th century Villa Magni is situated on the seafront at San Terenzo; the Villa Marigola is situated on an olm-oak covered promontory that separates the bay... >>>