Map of Lunigiana
Map of Lunigiana

Lunigiana is the region at the extreme north of Tuscany, situated between Liguria and Emilia Romagna along the course of the Magra river and its affluents, but its historical borders are much wider. It is a small homogenous region that offers a mild climate and a sweet atmosphere, where still today the millennarie traces of its history are visible. The region of the one hundred castles, some of them still in good conditions today, has always been a zone of passage. The Malaspina family tried to conquer Lunigiana totally, but contrasted with the Medici of Florence, Genova and Lucca. The Francigena Way is a typical characteristic of Lunigiana, bringing back to a magical medieval atmosphere of pilgrimage and churches and rivalries between villages.
The nature is the other great resource of this region. Thermal waters, climatic and ski stations, trekking path are alternated with the local folklore, traditions and gastronomy. Lunigiana offers a deep nature between secular chestnut trees on the Appennines and rivers and torrents.
Gastronomy is characterized from genuine tastes, flour of chestnut, mushrooms, herbs and from the breeding of rabbits and ovines. "Testaroli", "torta d’erbi", the "bomba di riso", the "spalla cotta" are just a few of the specialities to taste.
The Lunigiana draws its name from the city of Luni, founded from the Roman in the 177 a.C. at the end of the Magra river. Literally "earth of the moon".