The Gulf of Poets
The Gulf of Poets

It is likely that the Castle of San Giorgio was built over the remains of a pre-existing medieval fort. It is located on a small relief known as il Poggio, and once dominated the roman settlement. The construction of the castle was commissioned by Nicolo Fieschi in 1262, who wanted to reinforce his own power in Spezia. However, in 1273, the town was conquered by Oberto Doria, destroying Fieschi’s plans. The castle owes its current appearance to numerous reconstructions and amplifications. The tower, the battlements and the surrounding walls were built in the 14th century. Not a lot remains of the five towers built into the walls, which served as points of access to the castle. A building facing the sea was built in 1443, and in 1554, work was started on a watch post named La Bastia, which later became known as Forte Vecchio della Spezia e Bastione Santa Caterina. This building no longer exists as it was completely demolished in the 19th century to make way for the construction of the naval dockyard.
The castle assumed its definitive appearance in 1607, when the Genevans finished work on the walls and added a first floor to the already existing keep. The castle is today home to the Ubaldo Formentini Museum of Civil Archaeology.

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