The church of San Lorenzo
Tellaro and the church of San Giorgio

Saint George’s church is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea. Dating back to the 16th century, the building is built of a pinkish stone typical of the region.
The church is linked to the legend of the octopus, as indicated by the following inscription, which is engraved on the side church; "Saraceni mare nostrum infestanates sunt noctu profligati quod polpus aer cirris suis sacrum pulsabat". According to legend, a giant octopus approached the rocky outcrop one night, passing by all the boats docked in the harbour, and evading all fishing nets. Extending its tentacles into the bell tower, it pulled on the rope, ringing the bells and awaking the whole town, alerting them to the imminent Saracen invasion.

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