The castle of Fosdinovo
The castle of Fosdinovo

Lunigiana is a region rich of art. Zone of passage, for its vicinity with Northern Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, is full of historical monuments. The main characteristic are its castles, many of them destroyed or in ruin, but full of medieval history, as the castle of the Piagnaro in Pontremoli, the castle of Lusuolo in Mulazzo, the castle of Filattiera, the castle of Malgrate, the castle of Castiglion of the Terziere, the villa of Tresana, the castle of Monti and Bastia, the fortress of the Brunella of Aulla, the castle of the Verrucola in Fivizzano, the castle of the Hawk of Gragnola, the castle of Fosdinovo.
The villages are a precious heritage of the Lunigiana as well. The walled villages of Filetto and Filattiera, of Byzantine origin; the villages of the Pontremoli like Bratto, Braia and Grondola; Montereggio, Groppoli and Castevoli in Mulazzo; the Rocca Sigillina, Ponticello and Caprio in Filattiera; the villages of Aulla along the Francigena way, Albiano, Caprigliola, Olivola and Bibola. And still in Eastern Lunigiana, Moncigoli, Monte dei Biandhi, Equi Terme, Monzone or Casola in Lunigiana with Regnano.
In the same way, we can find the great religiosity of the Lunigiana in the big number of churches and parishes. The Romanesque parish of Santo Stefano of Sorano in Filattiera, one of the oldest of the region, the parishes of Codiponte, of san Paolo in Vendaso, of Crespiano, the complex of the Santissima Annunziata in Pontremoli, the Abbey of San Caprasio in Aulla, the church of San Remigio and the Oratorio dei Bianchi in Fosdinovo.
We have the opportunity to visit interesting museums as well. The Museum of the Statue Stele, in the castle of the Piagnaro; the Etnografic Museum of the Lunigiana, in Villafranca, situated in small flour mill; the Natural History Museum of the Lunigiana in Aulla; the Museum of the Territory of the High Valley Aulella in Casola in Lunigiana; the Museum of the Emigration of People of Tuscany in the evocative frame of the castle of Lusuolo.