Statua Stele of the Lunigiana
Statua Stele of the Lunigiana

Beside the history left from people of the Lunigiana all over the place, interesting museums are present in Lunigiana. In Pontremoli, the Museum of the Statue Stele, where you can admire all the statue stele found in the area (original or copies). Anthropomorphic sculptures which show the religiosity of the Liguri, the population living in this area 200 years before the Roman come.
In Villafranca, the Etnographic Museum, located in a small mill, collects items and tools of the old peasant tradition. The museum shows the tools for grinding the chestnut, the tools for the working of iron, wicker, wood and stone, and also machinery for the milk and wine production.
In Aulla, inside the Brunella fortress, we find the Lunigiana Natural History Museum (Museo di Storia Naturale della Lunigiana), dedicated to the knowledge and conservation of the local naturalistic heritage. Copses, chestnut forests, the hill cultivation, the flora of the mountain are just some of the topics you can learn in the museum. There are also aquariums and the habitat of the local animals.
In Casola in Lunigiana, the Museo del Territorio dell’alta Valle Aulella comprehends the Archeological Park, where several statue stele are shown. Inside the museum collects goods and items found in the area of the Valle Aulella from prehistory to the Middle Ages. The second part of the visit is a walking itinerary in the medieval centre of Casola, with palaces, mills and the tower of Casola.