s Pontremoli

Pontemoli is located in the northern part of Lunigiana and Tuscany. To the north it is delimited from the Appennines with the important passes of the Brattello, the Cisa and the Cirone. The natural atmosphere is particularly favorable for the vicinity of the source of the Magra river and the mountains. The greater part of the population is situated in the plain between the Magra and the Verde stream, dominated by the Castle of Piagnaro.
Door to Tuscany along the Francigena way, the village owns its name to the wood of the poplar with which perhaps it had been constructed. Pontremoli is today a precious coffer of artistic and monumental memories. Beyond the castle, home of the museum of the statue stele, we can find the Church of San Nicolò , the church of San Geminiano, patron of Pontremoli. In the center of the town, the two squares and the tower of Cacciaguerra remind to Guelfs and Ghibellines disputes. The rich palaces testify the mercantile fortunes of the pontremolesi. And still, the church of San Francesco, the Theatre of the Rose, the fortress of Castelnuovo, the church of "Nostra Donna", the village of the Santissima Annunziata with the complex of the convent of the Agostiniani.

Historic capital of Lunigiana, Pontremoli encloses in the historic castle Piagnaro, the cathedral of Santa Maria, the Repubblica square and the oratory of Our Lady.