The castle of Bagnone
The castle of Bagnone

Bagnone is located along the same Bagnone stream, on the left part of the Magra river. The territory has an essentially mountainous morphology, dominated by the Appennine circle. The village stands out on one rock, dipped in a forest of pines and oaks. In the Middle Ages and more recent ages also, Bagnone has had a great importance thanks to the strategic position, along important ways of communication.
In fact, we can find in Bagnone many places of artisitic interest like the castle and its church, the Church of San Rocco and the church of Santa Maria. Nearby the beautiful medieval village of Castiglion of the Terziere with the castle, the castle of Treschietto, the ruins of Iera, and Corlaga and Corvarola. To visit also the parish of Saints Ippolito and Cassiano.


In the streets of Bagnone, admiring the stone houses and the many churches hidden in the shadow of the castle. Unique villages like Castiglione del Terziere, Treschietto and Iera.