View of Lunigiana
View of Lunigiana

In Lunigiana, nature is the main characteristic, above all in the summer period. Lunigiana is rounded by the national "Parco dell’appennino Tosco-EmilianO", the regional Park of the Apuan Alps, two protect natural areas along the Magra River between Filattiera, Terrarossa and Aulla and five protect areas for the protection of biodiversity.
Lunigiana offers the best conditions for any type of sport, above all at open air: trekking and the mountain biking. There are in fact 250 kilometers of paths to cover and 14 staging points of Trekking Lunigiana. The wonderful views and places like the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, the marbles of the Apuan Alps, the Magra river and its affluents that create landscapes such as the cascades of Pracchiola or on the Verde torrent near Farfarà , or the small canyons like the "Stretti di Giaredo" or the "Solco di Equi Terme".
The nature demonstrates all its beauty also thanks to the local fauna and flora, like the real hawk and the Appennines wolf and the airon or the Primula Appennina, spontaneous orchids and daffoldils. Lunigiana offers a great variety of landscapes, from high pastures with smalls lake, green fields, mountains, rivers. Camporaghena, Logarghena, Sassalbo, Equi Terme are just a few place where admire amazing spots.
This natural wealth is possible to appreciate visiting it on foot. Trekking Lunigiana was inaugurated in 1986 from the Comunità Montana della Lunigiana. Composed by 14 stages and 3 varying, for a total of 250 kilometers, the paths permit to cross Lunigiana through tens of rural villages, old bridges, chestnut woods, traditional pastures, stopping every now and then to admire an evocative panorama, a defended village, the shapes of a castle or a pieve.