The Castle of Verrucola
The Castle of Verrucola

Fivizzano is the widest village of Lunigiana. It extends from the Appenines to the Apuan Alps. The numerous valleys, of the torrents Rosaro, Mommio and Lucido meet all the course of the Aulella. In the zone it is possible to admire great landscapes, from hills to mountains with a mild climate.
Considered the Florence of Lunigiana, Fivizzano has always been an important center. Castles, churches and noble palaces show it. Fivizzano gave itself to the Medici family in the XV century and remained in their possession until the come of the Lorena. The walls of Fivizzano were erected for order of Cosimo de' Medici in 1540, while the baroque font of the main square was constructed from Cosimo III in 1683. Beyond the walls, the village of the Verrucola where the castle of the Verrucola lies, erected from Spinetta Malaspina the Great. Fivizzano gave birth to Jacopo from Fivizzano, one of the first printer.
Every summer in July, the "Disfida degli arceri di terra e di corte" fill with people the medieval village. Nearby, we can visit the Romanesque churc of Saint Paul of Vendaso, the village of Soliera with the sanctuary of the Madonna of the Necks, the villages of Gragnola with the castle and Vinca. Moreover, the Botanical Garden of the Frignoli and the village of Sassalbo.

The so called Florence of Lunigiana, with the Medici fountain and the majestic walls. Not far away the Verrucola castle and many villages and more castles unique in its valleys.