The tower of Casola in Lunigiana

Inside the walled village of Casola in Lunigiana stands the cylindrical tower, symbol of the village. It is probable what remains of an old fortification when the city of Lucca was ruling these lands, around the XIV century. The tower was part of a system of protection composed by an encircled building, to which was then placed a second and a third walls.
When the tower finished its military functions, it became the bell tower of the church of Santa Felicita. In the XVIII century it was tried to embellish it with an artifice that consisted in constructing on top of it a new octagonal tower. This caused great harm to the weak structure and in 1920, the big earthquake that shoke Lunigiana badly damaged the tower.
The tower was then lowered and in 1939 it was reconstructed as we can see it today.

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