The ruins of the castle of Bigliolo

The castle of Bigliolo was one of the fortifications that protected the Episcopalian court in Lunigiana, due to the struggles fought between the Bishops of Luni and the Malaspinas in Val of Aulella in the XIII century. Bigliolo, after these contrasts, was ownership of the Marquises of Filattiera with Bernabò Malaspina. In 1275, he left it to his child Francis, founder of the line of Olivola. In 1412, after the slaughter of Apella, in which the Captain Rossi di Varano killed the two Marquises of Olivola, the dynasty of Francis Malaspina was extinguished and Bigliolo was submitted to the Marquises Leonardo and Galeotto of the Castel dell’Aquila of Gragnola. In 1418, Bigliolo passed together with the castles of the feud in the Aquila, under the dominion of Florence. In 1428, Bigliolo came back under the dominion of the Marquises of Gragnola, up to 1466, when at the death of Marquis Galeotto, without male children, the branch of the Marquises of the Aquila was extinguished. In the 1467 Bigliolo passed to the marquis Malaspina Gabriele of Fosdinovo, till 1510, when to his death his child Lazzaro I, began the second Dynasty of the Marquises of Olivola. In 1523, Giovanni de' Medici dale bande Nere, purchased the feud of Aulla, without the confirmation of the emperor, and tried to form a feud in Lunigiana attacking various castles. Bigliolo was among those ones. From that moment the decadence of the castle of Bigliolo was underlined. In 1568, the children of Lazzaro I divided the Land in two parts, Pallerone with Canova assigned to Spinetta and Carlo and the Olivola with Bigliolo assigned to Camillo and Troilo. The two Marquises ruled annually alternating themselves to the government of the feuds, but in 1572 Camillo, Carlo and Troilo, surrendered their parts to Spinetta, the only one to be married.
Today of this historical castle remains the ruins, dressed by the ivy, of the whole north line of the fortification and two towers.

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