The ruins of the castle of Bigliolo

Bigliolo is located on the left side of the Taverone stream. The first mention of the village dates back to 1181, when Ranieri and Guido of Ugo de Biliaulos made an action of donation to the monastery of Monte dei Bianchi. Bigliolo and its castle followed the destiny of the great part after of Lunigiana. It was possession of the Malaspina family, under the fief of Olivola. When in 1413 the dynasty of this feud was extinguished, Bigliolo was annexed to the feud of the Castle of the Hawk of Gragnola. The branch of Gragnola extinguished in 1466 and Bigliolo passed then to the feud of Fosdinovo till 1510, when the new dynasty of the marquises of Olivola was reconstituted under the guide of Lazzaro. In 1797 feudalism was suppressed. The castle of Bigliolo, today a ruin totally inglobated by the vegetation, decayed, not having the defensive characteristics anymore suitable for the times. Besides it was assaulted by Giovanni dale bande Nere in his attempt to conquer Lunigiana in the XVI century.
In the village, there are numerous sacred images of marble of XVII-XIX centuries, set to protection of the houses and the roads.
Bigliolo is also famous for a gastronomic specialty, the bean of Bigliolo, thanks to the climate, to the fertile ground and the quality of the water of the streams.

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