Placed at the top of a hill, characterized by geologic elements and interesting fossils, Olivola develops around the ruins of a castle belonged for a long time to the Malaspinas. Today the structure comprehends some parts of the walls and four towers. The castle was one of the biggest in Lunigiana, but the 1920 earthquake totally destroyed the construction. The suggestion of the place is also due to the church of St. Michael, more ancient than the castle, mentioned from the XIII century. The apse is placed inside the tower, rare example of fortified church.
The feud has a rich history. Inherited by the descendants of Bernabò I, child of Obizzino, Olivola was left to Franceschino in 1265, founder of the branch of the marquises of Olivola. The feud then included Aulla, Terrarossa, Bigliolo, Pallerone, Virgoletta, Pieve de' Mountains, Licciana, Agnino, Bastia, Groppo St. Pietro, Varano. The line of Franceschino extinguished after four generations in 1412. The feud was dismembered and it passed to the brothers Leonardo II and Galeotto of Gragnola. Dead without male heirs, first Leonardo and then Galeotto, left the feud to the Marquis Antonio Alberico I of Fosdinovo and to his child Gabriele IV. In 1525, his nephew Lazzaro refunfed the line of Olivola, that lasted seven generations till Carlo, brother of Lazzaro IV, when the French abolished feudalism.

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