At the foot of the northern Apennines, between the passes of the Cerreto and of the Lagastrello, stands Camporaghena. The beautiful portals, jambs and windows in clear stone... >>>

Catognano is located along the Canalone stream, affluent of the Tavarone, between the mountains of the Alps of Camporaghena and those of the abbey of Linari. The small suburb has parts... >>>

Crespiano derives its name from the roman "Crispus". It is located at the foot of the Linari mount. Its main attraction is the parish of Santa Maria Assunta. Mentioned for the first time... >>>

Characteristic mountain village, Torsana is part of the National Park of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano. The village is dipped in the green between mounts, hills and lawns. The church of... >>>