Barbarasco is the place of Tresana townhall from 1818. The first written mention dates back to 1126, making reference to the flat land among the magra river and its tributaries... >>>

Some villages that form Giovagallo probably rose around the year Thousands. In 1202 Giovagallo appears in the "Truffa e Ubaldo lodo", a peace between the Malaspina and... >>>

Riccò dates back to the IX century. Probably its name takes origin from "Caput Rivi", from its location among the river Magra and the Penolo stream. Riccò had its own castle, today.... >>>

Villa is located in the northern part of the territory, on the left of the Osca stream, on the border with Calice al Cornoviglio in Val di Vara. The suburb is embellished... >>>