Equi Terme lies at the confluence of the Fagli stream into the Lucido, in the valley dominated by the profiles of the northern Apuans Alps. The country owes its name to the... >>>

The village of Gragnola is situated in the alluvial flat generated from the Lucido and Aulella streams. It probably derives its name from... >>>

The village of Sassalbo, from the name of the big chalk quarries that stands above it, is situated in the northern valley of the Rosamo... >>>

Monzone is situated in a wonderful landscape... >>>

Vinca is part of a mountainous landscape... >>>

The walled village of Monte dei... >>>

Viano is situated in the valley of the Lucido... >>>

More villages:

Soliera, Moncigoli, Agnino, Vendaso, Pognana, Aiola.