Lusuolo is a characteristic suburb half way between Villafranca and Mulazzo. It extends along the ridge of a dominant hill on the river Magra. The suburb and the castle represent an admirable example of... >>>

Castevoli owes its name to "Casteolo", walled land. Its origin dates back to the Malaspina family, when in 1077 the emperor Arrigo III gave this land to Ugo and Folco of Este consorts of the Malaspina... >>>

Montereggio rises on a hill in the high valley of the stream Mangiola, along an ancient medieval road that connected the Vara Valley to the Magra one. In the Middle Age, it was posession of.... >>>

Gavedo is located on the natural balcony at the slopes of the La Nuda mountain. The suburb is dominated by the medieval castle, with an imposing quadrangular structure. With the the XVIII... >>>