Castiglion del Terziere is located on a knoll on the left of the Magra. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was called "dei Corbellari", by the name of the family that ruled... >>>

Treschietto is located in a remarkable strategic position, dominating the ways coming down from the Orsaro Mountain towards the bagnone valley. In the suburb we can find the imponent ruins of the XIV... >>>

Iera is located north of Bagnone, on the tall valley of the homonym stream. The parish, devoted to St. Matteo Apostolo, is remembered in a 1296 document. From 1350 to 1750 it belonged to the fief of Treschietto. The... >>>

Pastina is first mentioned in 1236, as... >>>

The territory of Compione belonged to the... >>>

More villages:

Orturano, Corlaga, Corvarola, Collesino, Mochignano.