Bastia is located at the end of a tortuous road that form climbs form Licciana Nardi suburb. Its name comes from the French "bastir", to build, to... >>>

Monti di Licciana was already inhabited in remote epoch, as it shows the recovery of a statue stele of type B. The stele was found in 1984 and denominated... >>>

Of ancient origin, Panicale dates back to the Oberteghi family period, from where the Malaspinas came. It is first mentioned in 1077, in... >>>

Tavernelle is located along the... >>>

Varano is a small suburb situated in the high... >>>

Terrarossa, the ancient Byzantine "Rubra"... >>>

Pontebosio owes its name to... >>>

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Cisigliana, Apella, Taponecco.